XVII Women's World Handball Championship
Russia, Saint-Petersburg 2005
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The Governor of Saint-Petersburg to the organizers and participants of the XVII World Handball Championship among women

Matvienko V.I.

Dear friends!

I would like to greet warmly on the banks of Neva the organizers and participants of the XVII International World Handball Championship among women.

Saint-Petersburg is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but the city of remarkable sporttraditions.

On the banks of Neva began the history of the most kinds of sports in Russia. On account of Saint-Petersburgfe sportsmen there are hundreds of high awards of the Olympic games, World and Europe championships.

I am sure, that the Championship will become the great event in the sport life of ourcityand Russia.
I wish success to the organizers of the competitions, bright sport victories to all the participants.

The Governor of Saint-Petersburg
Valentina I. Matvienko
Matvienko's signature


The Secretary of General Council of The Political Party "United Russia"
The first deputy of the leader of the Party in State Duma

Bogomolov V.N.

Dear friends,

In world sport Russian handball occupies the leading positions. Our players steadily continue the best traditions of winning the most prestigious international competitions.

Awards and authority of Russian handball players were highly appreciated by the International federation of handball, when they chose Saint-Petersburg, one of the biggest sport and cultural centers of Russia, for organizing the XVII World handball championship.

I am sure, that the Championship will help to find the new directions of the development of handball and will promote popularization not only this wonderful game, but sport in hole in Russian Federation, and strengthen the authority of our country on International arena.

V.N. Bogomolov
Bogomolov's signature


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